Most Wanted (2021)

Most Wanted is a series of black and white portraits that combines historical archive images with restaged photographs. The series draws on the familiar tropes of mugshot photography, but removes its subjects from their criminological context.
By appropriating the institutional criminal photograph normally associated as evidence in a court of law, the portraits play with the idea of photograph as ‘evidence’, or, document of ‘truth’. Without captions, the images point to the fluid dispersion of images in the post-truth, internet era: are these Tinder profile photographs, fashion headshots or records of the FBI’s most wanted?

Most Wanted was commissioned by Photo2021 International Festival of Photography and installed as paste up posters in ACDC Laneway, Melbourne, Victoria. 

1 David Dallas Taylor side
2 Henry side compressed
15 Bianca
14 Maya
3 Tony side compressed
5 Andrew side compressed
4 Harlan side compressed
9 Indigo
6 Will frontal
8 Petermaker
PHOTO 2021 Sara Oscar Photo by J Forsyth 20210218 (5)
PHOTO 2021 Sara Oscar Photo by J Forsyth 20210218 (6)

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